Lessons from the Masterminds (Video)

Tim Lundgren – The Entrepreneur – in coaching since 2008.  Tim went from being a single  Real Estate Agent to Team Leader.  Always looking for additional opportunities and revenue streams, Tim ventured into  -the Storage Unit business where he now collects rents on 800 doors.  He also has a  Development company and if that wasn’t enough, he launched into Spec Building in 2019. He has surrounded himself with and is pouring into the right people and is planning a major expansion in his Real Estate practice as well in 2020.  He does all this while maintaining balance and carving out time to be actively involved with his wife and 4 kids.  Tim is very humble and attributes his Faith and Family as the core to his success.  He involves his family in setting the rewards (usually a vacation) if his goal is hit and emphasizes to his kids how hard work and dedication pays off. Video Testimony

Mastermind Interview with Tim Lundgren – Why Coaching? (Video)

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